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One Second Everyday: Second Year at Exeter

One Second Everyday is an app that stitches together a compilation of single second videos taken each day into a continuous, chronological movie. It condenses life into a brief series of snapshots, and the point is to film daily, regardless of what you’re doing. I first learned about the app when I was asked to give it a try for Exeter’s Student Bloggers, and quickly became hooked.

Although a second seems like such a small amount of time, as a tiny video I’ve found these snippets can actually capture so much more than a photo – the sound of a laugh, music in the background, the rain on the window. For me, it’s a much more visceral way of remembering life, the good, the bad and the humdrum familiarity which I usually wouldn’t bother to make an effort to keep a note of.

My first video, of my first term in second year, was shared to the University of Exeter’s facebook page by my lovely editor at Exeter Student Bloggers in January. As it stands, that video now has more than 12,000 views, 563 likes and 60 shares. My pyjama-clad housemates who make an appearance in said-video were not best pleased, but I was thrilled, because if I’m honest, I’ve sort of become a brand ambassador for 1SE and I’ve been recommending it to everyone who asks about it.

I’ve decided to put both videos up here, as I think they pretty much sum up a lot about who I am as a person, better than an introductory post could. The plan is to keep one up for my time in Ottawa, for the whole time, including the holidays  (I’ve mostly excluded holidays in these videos because my student blog didn’t really necessitate them!)

Take Two: Life in the Second Year (Part 1) from Tessa Boyd on Vimeo.

Take Two: Life in the Second Year (Part 2) from Tessa Boyd on Vimeo.


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