The Bucket List

Update August 2017: I wrote this all before I travelled to Canada, and over the course of the year as I thought of things. By the end of this year, it seems insane I only missed out one thing on this list. It’s been a busy year, but looking back at it I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

This list is all over the place, in no particular order and will probably be continually updated as I think of things. It’s less of a case of setting myself a goal of having to tick these all off (wayyy too much pressure), but more of a reminder of how many things I can do, and that I need to really make the most of every free day.

Ottawa Bucket List

  1. Walk along the Rideau Canal
  2. Take a trip around ByWard Market
  3. Get up to Parliament Hill
  4. Go to the Sound and Light show on the Houses of Parliament
  5. Travel out to Gatineau Park in autumn (I did one better and went to Algonquin Provincial Park)
  6. Get something from Roots because I am a Cool Kid
  7. Go see a Hockey game
  8. Celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving (And I did so in a Tim Horton’s no less)
  9. New Years’ Eve fireworks!
  10. Take a boat trip along the Ottawa River in the summertime (didn’t get chance to in the end!)
  11. The Tulip Festival
  12. uOttawa things:
  13. Cultural things:
    • National Gallery of Canada
    • Canadian Museum of Nature
    • Canadian Museum of History
    • Canadian War Museum
    • Notre Dame Basilica
    • Tour of Parliament
    • See a Performance at the NAC
    • See a Concert (The Paper Kites!)
  14. Foody things:
    • Poutine (And it was vegan, from Pure Kitchen, and pretty darn amazing)
    • Maple Taffy
    • Try a Beavertail (I had a cinnamon one and it was SO GOOD.)
    • Obama Cookie (I love that he bought one in like 2009 and it’s still a selling point. Bless.)
  15. Winter Things:
    • Have a go at skiing (and I was TERRIBLE)
    • Cross-country skiing
    • Snowshoeing in Gatineau Park
    • Make a Proper Snowman out of Canadian snow (I did so on the 24th March after a literal snowstorm and the snowman was as tall as me)
    • Ice-skating (and I bought my own second hand skates as well)
    • Skate along the Rideau Canal (maybe go for the full 7.8km?!) (And it was amazing!!)

Travelling Bucket List

  1. Wander around downtown Montreal (See this post)
  2. Visit Quebec City (See this post)
  3. Take a selfie in front of Niagara Falls (See this post)
  4. Be a tourist in Toronto (See this post)
  5. Boston – for all the history! (See this post)
  7. Washington DC 
  8. Catch up with Ellie!! (My lovely American friend who lives in Colorado) ((and I did!))
  9. Hike in the Grand Canyon
  10. Drive through Monument Valley
  11. Go for a night out in Las Vegas (well… does going for cheesecake count as a night out?)
  12. Hike Yosemite National Park
  13. Road/bus trip up the West Coast from San Francisco…
  14. Seattle


  1. Stay around for the 150th Canada Day (1st July 2017)
Canada’s out there! (Algonquin Park, October 2016)